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New to me, but apparently 4 years old as of today, is Google Keep. According to Wikipedia; “Google Keep is a note-taking service developed by Google. Launched on March 20, 2013, Google Keep is available on the web, and has mobile apps for the Android and iOS mobile operating systems. Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio. “

I have employed Evernote for my note taking duties for several years now, but am excited to see a note taking interface in the Google Suite.

Note taking apps or services offer super geeky organized people a super geeky way to take, track, and archive information, and then collaborate with other super geeky organized people. I am super geeky but not super organized. For me, my note taking app solves a problem. The problem I have, which Evernote solves, is that I lose sh%t.

For example, more times than I’d like to admit, I’ve opened up my dryer to find a wadded up business card laying in the aftermath of hot tumbling clothes. I then attempt to decipher the email address from the leftover remnants of this business card, which of course came from that important prospect I need to follow up with, I snap a picture of said business card before I ever put it in the pocket of the pants that wound up in my laundry bin, washing machine, and then dryer, probably with a stay on the floor for some period in between. When I capture the picture of that card, it lives in my iPhone in the pristine shape I received it forever. And what happens when I can’t remember where I put that business card I was handed just a few hours ago? I use Evernote’s search function to find it. Evernote’s search function can search text from notes, pictures, and even hand writing. Yes, even your hand writing. How? Freaking magic, that’s how. So, remember that billion dollar startup project you sketched out on a cocktail napkin after the trade show back in February? If you had snapped a picture of it with your iPhone, you could have stored it in a note taking application, and then you could quickly find it in March when you’re wondering how you got to this point in your life and pondering what you’re really supposed to be doing. Wouldn’t that be helpful?

Oh, technology. Your pokemons, snapchats, and Evernote distract us so blissfully from the inevitable enslavement of mankind by machines which is so nearly upon us. Anyway, Evernote is awesome. I could write a separate blog on it. I may write a separate blog on it. However, there is one thing I don’t like about Evernote, and Google Keep may just be the solution.

Typing notes into your iPhone is a bit clunky with Evernote. The Evernote app can slow down the whole IOS to a frustrating and potentially iPhone launching pace. “iPhone Launching” referring to the iPhone being launched out of my hand…”potentially”.   To create a note on your iPhone, you have to open the Evernote app, then create a new note, and then type. I’ve gotten around this by going straight to my “notes” app which comes already loaded on the iPhone and then opening the note in Evernote. It works, but there are extra steps involved.

What’s really cool about Google Keep is that it has a “widget”. Widgets are the app interfaces that appear when you swipe right from your iPhone home screen:

And just to be fair to you Android users, you can certainly do this with an Android, but I barely even understand what that means, so just be impressed that this article was written by a 42 year old sales person, and go back to reading this article instead of doing what you’re boss is paying you to do. Or, go figure it out for yourself on your Android, then give yourself a nice pat on the back. Maybe even treat yourself to a chocolate chip cookie.

So anyway, the widget. From the widget, you can create a note or list, take a photo, or record audio, which will all be saved in Google Keep. Google keep, like other applications in the Google Suite, automatically saves your work. This means, especially in my case, it’s a lot harder to “lose sh%t”.

I’m still keeping my Evernote. Currently,  I capture notes using Google Keep, open them in Evernote, and then organize using Evernote’s more robust (or maybe more familiar) archive system.  But, Google Keep is kinda cool and I find myself using the Google platform more and more.

And there’s a lot more to Google Keep. If you, like me, have been in the dark about Google Keep for the last four years, check it out. You will need a username and password for Google.  But, if you have a Gmail account, you’re good to go. And yes, I still have a hotmail account, but I have Gmail too.

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