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I wonder if anyone will actually read this, but here goes nothing.  I wanted to make a quick post explaining what the “Business in the Front Blog” is.  I’ll call this my “Sandbox” to play around with my new interest in writing.  Sometimes things happen in your life that aren’t very pleasant, but when the dust settles, you take a look around and find new insights and new opportunities.  The last few years in my life have bee tumultuous and challenging and forced me to dig deep to find strength that would have otherwise like lain dormant.

The technology revolution has created what I see as a Renaissance for new ideas and new ways of thinking.  There is so much information and so much support literally at our fingertips.  I feel we’re moving from a passive existence, where in the past we accepted news and information from mainstream media channels like television, radio and periodicals to a participatory existence, where we can receive a myriad of information which we never had access to before,  and also reach out, ask questions, and participate with our own ideas and perceptions.  I’m watching Youtube, listening to Podcasts, and reading blogs. There is so much positivism out there right now if you just look for it.  I’m getting an education like never before simply by hooking up the bluetooth connection to my iPhone in my car.

And as I put one foot in front of the other on my journey, I’m finding that I like to write.  I’m not sure why I’m writing, except that I enjoy it and feel a great sense of reward from crafting my thoughts into written word and sharing them.  I hope I can find others out there who can critique my writing and push me to find my potential and I ultimately hope that I can inspire others and somehow stoke the flames of this new age community.  I look forward to looking back at this blog five years from now and laughing as I realize how bad I was and how good I am now by comparison.  I hope to see you there too.

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