Downloading a track from Strava to a GPS Device in (more) detail

God, that’s a long title.  But here’s the deal, sometimes I see something cool online I want to try to do at home.  Everything looks real easy on the Youtube video, so I’m sure I can pull it off.  Problem is, the video is designed for people who have a clue about mechanics or computers or whatever this video is making look so easy.  Then I try, and fastforward an hour and there I am, stuck  with bike parts in each had, holding the bike up with my foot, and using the other foot to try to refresh the video on my iPad.  So, I’m going to break it down for you in terms even I could follow:

First thing your’e going to need is a Strava account and some rides already logged,which you can find here.  If you have a premium account, you can actually download tracks from other users.  I tried the premium subscription for a 14 day trial and cancelled it because I didn’t really see the value.  If I had spent more time figuring out what the premium features were, and actually how to use them, maybe I would have seen more of a value, but in general I hate commitments and so I tend to stay away from subscriptions.

Now log into your Strava account and select the “My Activites” tab under the “Training Drop Down”.


Now look at that.  It say’s I still have Premium.  Strange.  I cancelled it again.  Okay, once you’re in the “My Activities”  Page, you just have to pick out which one you would like to download the track from and follow.



I picked “Tyler Miller with the Endos”.



Now, click on the “wrench” icon circled below:



This will bring up the option to Export the track as GPS.  Choose that.



My Chrome Browser has a little bar at the bottom that show’s your downloaded files.  I right click on that, and choose “Show in Folder”.



Then I’ll right click on the file, choose “Cut”  and then “Paste” it into the folder where my GPS stores it’s tracks.  Easy Peezy.  I’d show you a screen shot of that also, but I can’t find my GPS right now.  You can’t write a tutorial for losing shit.  And, apparently I don’t need one.   I hope this helps somebody.  If you feel the need to tell me this is dumb, please do so in the comment section below.


Just follow the red arrow



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