Club Ride Apparel “Vibe” Shirt Review

We could all use more time to play.  My goal is to find ways to make more time for fun without sacrificing my family and work responsibilities.   Club Ride Apparel  offers clothing that you can wear on the trail and off.  On the trail, Club Ride provides high tech comfortable gear.  Off the trail, the same clothing is stylish enough to make you feel at ease wearing it at work or going out with friends.  Being able to put clothing on in the morning for work, and then just wear it on a ride later on instead of changing is one way I can potentially save some precious time in a busy day.



Club Ride “Vibe” Shirt Details

-RideDryWear Ligtweight wicking material

-UV Protection

-Snap Front (perfect for phone booth changes ala CK)

-2 zippered pockets (1 chest, 1 back)

-Vented mesh armpits

-RideLight Reflective Accents

I’m often in search of a trail or adventure that I can access while out on the road for work.  I know I’m not executing an Everest Summit or Appalachian Trail Point to Point, but getting out of the house in a hurry and not grabbing all of the gear I need for my happy hour adventures seems to be a common theme.  Sometimes it’s just a hanger for my dress pants that I forget, and sometimes its shoes.   So, if I can eliminate any extra gear, I’ll have less things that I need to remember, and  inversely, less things that I can forget.  Right?

Club Ride Apparel crafts unique cycling clothing out of Idaho.  They offer really cool clothing options for split personality people like me who have to balance being all business and being all out shredder, often in the same day.   Their innovative clothing offers  features and designs to maximize performance and improve your cycling experience.

I recently bought their “Vibe”  shirt to test out and see if this could be part of the solution to minimize my trailhead costume change routine.

I really like the functional features of the zippered pockets.  I’ll have to test it out in the field, but the idea of carrying my iPhone in my front pocket really appeals to me.  That way I have it handy if I want to snap a picture or check GPS.

I don’t like keeping my phone in my pants/shorts pocket, because it puts the phone at risk when I fall.  I usually throw it in my hydration pack, where I’m much less likely to use it as I would need to take my pack off to get at it.  I was  concerned the device would bounce around too much, but it certainly fits, and I haven’t noticed it bouncing around much at all. With a hydration pack to bolster it in place a bit, its no issue at all.  I can keep my phone in the back pocket also, which offers even more flexibility.  Also, keeping a gel or other small food item in the front pocket would be a welcome benefit.  As a mountain biker, I feel like I should have better balance than a road biker, but unzipping a rear jersey pocket and grabbing a Cliff Shot or Gel is still something that’s going to require me to stop.

The shirt does feel really light and I look forward to donning it this summer to really test out the comfort factor on hot days.  I’m sure it will be great.  I usually have a “business casual” dress code from my job, and the shirt seems to fit the bill reasonably well  The zippered back pocket makes tucking the shirt in less than ideal, but it’s barely noticeable with the sweater I wore over it today.

I have a feeling tucking was not part of the design.

With the benefits of the lightweight RideDryWear fabric, you do trade off some structure in the collar.  Not a major detractor, but it is noticeable.  It was also really difficult to get the shirt to fold well so I could take a nice picture.  Please look at the Club Apparel website for prettier photos. Once you put the shirt on, it drapes well without wrinkling.

The armpit vents are well placed and not noticeable from the front or side view.


I like the shirt.   The price tag of $79.95 is  above what I would usually spend on clothing for work or play, but that’s me.  Your tastes may differ.  The durability will really make or break the value I perceive over the lifetime of this piece of gear.  The flexible collar makes it a little casual for work and wearing a collar at all is kind of weird for play.  This isn’t golf after all, though this would be the coolest golf shirt ever.  It seems to have a bit of “jack of all trades, master of none” to it, which, for better or worse, I closely identify with.   I really hope the shirt is durable.  If so, it has potential to become the favorite shirt I wear just a little too often.





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