Everybody has one and they all stink

This blogging thing is hard.  I originally set out to write a blog to somehow tie together some ideas I had and to help me hold myself accountable to maximize being a productive employee and also maximize my need for adventure by planning out and preparing for outdoor excursions on my mountain bike, skis, or by hiking in local state parks and forests.  Sounded pretty easy.  Simple, maybe.  Easy no.

The original goal was write one 1000 or so word post every week, alternating between topics about work and topics about play, hence the “business in the front, party in the back”  tagline.  I did okay for a while, but I’m a procrastinator by nature, and the writing keeps getting procrasinated to later in the week, and then the week ends, and then, well, I already missed the deadline, so no need to work on it now.

This somewhat typical New England Winter is putting a damper on the outdoor aspect, with snow accumulating just enough to cancel school and create havoc for us parents, then the snow either gets washed away by tropical rain storms and then either freezes to shear ice or saturates what ground isn’t frozen to create something like a greasy form of quicksand.

Anyway, there’s a saying about excuses and a certain part of the anatomy and how deep down we’re all alike.

I have been working on a few different things.  I’m working on a gear review I started back in December.  I’m also working with some friends on a project about indoor cycling. I’m also thinking about the Naugatuck Valley and what else I want to do there.

Waterbury, CT

I also spent 4 days skiing in Utah with a friend of mine two weeks ago and spent last week catching up at work.

I’ve known my friend Chris since Middle School and this was our 6th year making a trip out west skiing.  If you haven’t been, I highly suggest it.  Salt Lake City is a pretty easy airport to get to.  It’s kind of a cool city with a youthful and outdoorsy feel.  You only need to drive 20 minutes or so east into the Cottonwood Canyons and you’re suddenly in the shadows of the natural skyscraper skyline of the Wasatch Mountains.  A few miles up the canyon road and you’re at some truly premier ski areas.  I brought my GoPro camera to capture some of the action, but forgot to bring the SD Card on day one at Alta, so there are only 3 days of video, of which I’ve linked to below:

In addition to procrastination, skiing, and making excuses, I’m sinking pretty fast into an Instagram obsession, and who knows where that will bottom out.  So,  if you can’t get enough of this blog, please check me out there:   @keepurdayjob or @feeneyhollow.  Maybe I’ll post about my thoughts on Instagram and set some goals and challenges for myself around that.

I’ve got another 30 day challenge in mind, and though I may be mentally challenged enough, I’m thinking about challenging that very mind with a more structured mediation practice and seeing if I can track any noticeable improvement.  I can’t imagine it could get any worse.  Until then, maybe check me out on instagram, and…crap, still need to come up with a tagline for the end.  I’ll do that later.

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