I love cliches

I feel like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. Seems like I’m getting it from all sides lately.  Work, dad life, family.  It’s busy.  Like a one armed paper hanger.

Anyway, I thought it would never come, but it’s nice outside. Really nice. You may say Spring has finally sprung.  If you love cliches as much as I do you would.  And this Thursday is the first RAW Ride of 2018. RAW stands for Ride after Work, and is a weekly mountain bike ride presented by the New England Mountain Bike Association (NEMBA). The ride is led by local living legend Al Tinti, The Godfather of Central CT mountain biking.

This will be my third season with the RAW crew and I’m excited to get back out there and mash pedals and hammer some singletrack. Cliche cliche cliche. Hurray hurray hurray.

Anyway, I need to get the Mullet Mobile reconfigured. I need to get my camping chair stowed for the post ride BS session, figure out where I’m going to store my tire pump, and make sure I’ve got everything as ready as possible to drop my son off at school, make my Sales calls, and get as much work done as possible from my mobile Mullet office.  Along with all my biking gear, I will also bring my GoPro camera. The season before last I decided to appoint myself the de facto RAW Ride videographer.  If you want to see what kind of cinematic brilliance a  self appointed defacto after work mountain bike ride videographer can  produce, you can see my work here: .NEMBA RAW Rides

This Spring has been kind of a bummer. I shot this video coming home from work last Monday.  Consider it as an apt portrayal of Spring 2018 :

And with this nasty weather, my mood declined.  And I’m sure those who had to tolerate my mood suffered also.  One victim has been the Mobile.  It’s been a rough go for the Mullet Mobile, and I’m sure it would love  to shake my mess out of its feathers if it could contort itself like that shivering turkey.


The literal wheels are firmly secure. The figurative wheels have fallen off.



The suitcase in this picture was from a trip that never happened…a week ago
The Squad is not happy with the disarray



Much Better



Time for a good Spring Cleaning

I’ve also been reading about Time Blocking. I feel like I need a way to focus my efforts better. My mind tends to wander and I’m not the kind of person who does well with distraction. Let’s just say a Smart Phone isn’t so smart an idea for me.  I’m going to do a little research and see if I can’t get a blog series going about Time Blocking to increase my productivity.

So Thursday should be an opportunity for some quintessential Keep Your Day job action. Get the kid off to school, make some sales, do my admin responsibilities, ride the Raw Ride, Film the raw Ride, edit the footage (likely over the following weekend), recover from the raw Ride, and then go to sleep. And wake up Friday. That will be key.  Let’s see how it goes.  And that’s all she wrote.  Had to get one more in.

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