Ride After Work

I’m 43 years old and it happens every year, but I still can’t believe it.  I can’t believe that Spring is finally here.  This year it started as Sprinter, an ugly new season that, based on the calendar, should have been Spring, but still looked and felt like winter.  Winter’s short days and chilly gloom are gone.  Bright green grass and vivid  purple flowers pop against the retina and shock the senses.

My six year old son seems much less impressed. He’s seen just over a handful of these spring transitions.    Seeing things from  the point of view of a child is an education.  My six year old rolls with changes in seasons with little perceived effect. His main concerns seem to revolve around the iPad and iPhone these days.

I love being a Dad.  Most of the time.  I wish I could be better at it.  I let things get to me and am not always as  calm or reasonable as I would like to be while spending my quality time with my son.  Stress at  work, arguments with my son’s mother, the weather.  Nothing that really warrants the anger and frustration that cloud my thinking to the degree they do.

I’m lucky I have mountain biking.  I’ve been riding mountain bikes for several years.  When I go riding, it pays off dividends in helping me regulate my emotions and allows me to be more productive with clearer thinking which helps me be a better dad, employee, and person.  As Jonathan Lee from TrainerRoad says, Mountain Biking makes better humans.

Speaking of Trainnerroad, Ive been using the program this Winter/Spring/ Sprinter. If you haven’t heard of it, TrainerRoad software helps cyclists train smarter with structured workouts for indoor cycling that help users become faster bikers.

A Trainerroad workout is loaded on the laptop which I’m viewing from my indoor cycling trainer.

And now that Sprinter has ebbed away, letting Spring flow in, its time for the New England Mountain Bike Association’s weekly Ride After Work (RAW) rides to commence for 2018.  The weekly ride starts at 5:30 on Thursday afternoon at various locations around Central CT.  The prompt 5:30 start can be a precarious effort for after work on a weekday, so some extra planning and preparation is paramount.

Brushing his hair is something I need to work on

I like to think my project management skills for getting the crew ready in the morning are improving but it isn’t always pretty.


This year I’ll be trying out a new piece of gear to help with one of the more serious risks in balancing my outdoor passions with work and family responsibilities.

paqsule bag

The Paqsule gym bag uses UV light and Ozone to sanitize and deodorize your smelly gear.  There’s no better way to decompress from a long day of work than heading out on a  mountain bike adventure.  However, during the work day, there’s nothing worse than getting back in your car after a tough sales call and getting nose punched by the smell of funky helmets, gloves, and shoes that have been cooking inside an oven on wheels all day in the summer sun. I’m hoping the bag will help.

Sales is often a numbers game.  You lose a lot more that you win.  Cliche adages like “it takes 5 nos to get a yes” and “objections are buying signals” illustrate the rejection that is so pervasive in this career.

So when I’m leaving an appointment with my head hanging low, and I make my way through the parking lot, it’s nice to see my bike hanging on my car to remind me what awaits at the end of the day.

And on Thursdays throughout the Spring, Summer, and early fall, the end of the day means the Central CT NEMBA RAW Ride. And every week I can meet up with other tired 9-5ers and share the joy of letting all the worlds frustrations go for a couple hours and just ride. Good times.

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