Time (Blocking) Marches On

My first 2 weeks of  blocking came and went. So far I’m a fan. Despite my track record when it comes to starting new habits, I think I can stick with this.  What I like about time blocking is that it really gives me a sense of having a plan to follow. I spend less time thinking about what an overwhelming pile of things I need to to do and more time just thinking about what I am doing. I don’t follow the plan exactly, and that’s not the point. Oddly enough; even when I’m not following the plan, there is some comfort in knowing exactly what I’m not doing as opposed to thinking about all the things I should be doing. Yes, I’m crazy. Thing is, someone else out there knows exactly what I’m talking about.  And I feel sorry for them, but maybe this will help

I wrote a note to schedule breaks in the day. I don’t know, they seem to work themselves in anyway.  Maybe a meditation break or reading break would be a good idea for my 2-3 o’clock slump. Sometimes a 20-30 break result in a more productive late afternoon/evening. Sometimes I fall asleep.

Other things I noted that I need to block of time for are:

Work Planning


Project Planning

For my job, I also need to make sure to block out time to send info to follow up and I’m thinking maybe I should start batching together follow up and prospecting phone calls into an hour or so block once a week.  That will be a work in progress.

I’m still having trouble sitting down and doing the things I don’t like to do.   We got an email reminder yesterday that our Quarterly Reviews are due.   Haven’t gotten to that, or my expense report, but the replacement parts I need for my bike rack got ordered and I did get a long bike ride in last night.  “Work in progress” seems to be a common theme here.

So how do I keep this going?  I don’t have any ideas right now.  I’ve got to think of a way to either change things up, or maybe do a 30 day challenge or something similar to cement time blocking as a habit.  Otherwise, I’m going to get bored with this, convince myself it’s stupid, and then no more time blocking.  Any ideas?


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