They say everyone has some kind of talent. If that’s true, I haven’t found mine yet. I tend to believe it isn’t. Im not that good at anything.

But I am an outdoor sports enthusiast. While I daydream of living the thrill filled life of an adventure athlete, my lack of ability keeps me planted firmly in workaday suburban reality. I’m no longer a kid without responsibilities, but I’ve been blessed with a great job and a great life. So, now my mission is to to maximize enjoying myself outside while I “keep my day job”.


This blog will keep me accountable to the goal of fitting in as much mountain biking, or other outdoor adventures in to my work week and weekends as possible.

The Backdrop

As an outside sales rep, I travel all over CT and Western MA.  Southern New England doesn’t have the reputation as an outdoor sports Mecca like, say, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I doubt people living outside this area, even our neighbors in Northern New England think of this as a destination for adventure, but there are some great opportunities for fun and exploring on a variety of trails in Parks, Forests, and Recreation Areas.

We may not have the majestic or dramatic scenery of northern New England, or the Western US, but what we do have is a beautiful variety of rolling terrain to bike, hike, and maybe ski or snowshoe in.  There is, however, one key variable:  the weather.  New England produces some pristinely sublime picture perfect weather.  Sometimes.  There are also some days that are rotten.  High humidity in summer and dreary dark rainy cold days in the winter can challenge the most hearty outdoorsman’s soul.

Still There?

Another goal is to hold myself accountable to getting out during these less than idyllic days as I belive getting outside is part of broader aspiration. I believe overall wellness is key.  A combination of physical and spiritual/mental fitness will allow me pursue my passions achieve goals, and generally be a better human being.

So, I intend to blog about finding adventure in an otherwise humdrum life. And rambling.  My blog has a lot of rambling.

I’m also going to write about my efforts to improve my energy, motivation, and productivity to get the most out of my day, and solve problems of how to organize my schedule and gear around my family, work, and play activities. So therefore, I’ve got find a way to keep myself well; both mentally and physically.  I love mountain biking, so I have to stay physically fit in order to be able to do it.  In order to stay physically fit, I need to train.  In order to have the energy to train, I need to eat well.  In order to eat well, I need to buy food.  In order to be able to buy food, I have to work.  In order to do well at work I need to be able handle stress.  In order to handle stress, I need to stay mentally fit.  Mountain biking is one way that helps me handle stress and stay mentally fit.  I also like riding with friends and being part of a biking community because it helps me stay motivated and also helps me keep a sustained feeling of well being that helps manage stress.  In order to keep up with other mountain bikers, I need to keep training, which we already covered.

Also, in order to afford bikes and gear, I need to perform at work.  And I also have a son at home.  My son also eats, so I need to buy food for him, and a lot of other stuff.  So, I need to do well at work. Do you see where I’m heading with this?

Somehow I’ve got to figure out how to make time for all of this.  I spend a lot of time in my car for work, and listen to a lot of podcasts.  Some of the podcasts I listen to are about self improvement and they give me ideas on ways to better manage my time, stay motivated and be more productive.  Sometimes I just listen.  Sometimes I try to take an idea and implement it.  So, sometimes I’ll write about that too.


Mainly, this blog is a way for me to hold myself accountable for my goals.  If other people read my blog, and find anything interesting, then cool.  If you have ideas on how I can do any of this better, and would consider sharing them, please do.