The Old Fashioned Way

Free must be one of the most powerful words in the English language.  Junky old couches or broken lawn equipment. If the sign next to it on the side of the road says free, I’m taking a second look.  Free Queso at Moe’s Southwest Grill? I’ll have some of that.  It’s just my nasty cheese […]

Nembafest 2017

James Beckwourth was an American trapper and mountain man who had extraordinary adventures, which he famously chronicled in his book “The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth, Mountaineer, Scout and Pioneer, and Chief of the Crow Nation of Indians”.  Among the tales of his adventures, some more true than others, he wrote about the […]

Key Performance Indicator (KPI): So, I’m a bit of a slob…

“A performance indicator or key performance indicator (KPI) is a type of performance measurement.[1] KPIs evaluate the success of an organization or of a particular activity (such as projects, programs, products and other initiatives) in which it engages. Often success is simply the repeated, periodic achievement of some levels of operational goal (e.g. zero defects, […]

The Group Ride

As I got my car packed up, I felt myself fighting off  urges to make an excuse not to go.  I ended up arriving to the unfamiliar parking lot super early and was feeling the butterflies as I waited for more riders to arrive.  The feeling reminded me of the first time I went riding […]

the blog

  Sealed bearings rolling around an aluminum axle, spinning inside urethane skateboard wheels hum in a soft, low, and distinctive way.  That sound saturates my memory of the “Gleaming the Cube”  movie trailer which I used to wait through hours of TV to see when the movie debuted in 1989.  I was 14 years old […]